Clarence Street Cyclery was founded in 1975 by Tony and Christine Cook.

The cyclery prides its self on great customer service, outstanding warranty and quality products. We have a long association with Trek Bicycles and are the largest retailer in Australia of all their products.

The shop space shows off the charming characteristics of this rare late Victorian warehouse (circa 1880’s).

One of the standout features of the space is the cast iron columns stamped with the emblem of the Phoenix Foundry and predate the building by decades. The stores design does much to tie in the links of the shops history while at the same time providing a wonderful space to display the most modern bicycle technology.

For over 40 years, Clarence St Cyclery has been a meeting point and destination for the international cycling community. A generous hall-like volume is much more than a retail space; it is a communal area for the cycling public.

The store displays hundreds of models of bikes allowing every customer the ability to find a bike suited to their needs. Architecturally, the fit-out is sensitive, sustainable and innovative. Enormous Australian hardwood windows create vignettes from the street that engage passers-by with hints of what lies inside. The restored loading dock opens the store to a forgotten cobblestone lane at the rear of the store. The cast iron columns, silky brickwork and overhead timber joists are warm and enduring. The materials and surfaces are unblemished, and in some cases, remain as they were found.

Juxtaposed against the heritage features is a contemporary and colour-filled mural, highlighting Sydney’s iconic features whilst evoking the freedom and vitality that is cycling.

Clarence St Cyclery looks forward to welcoming you in-store.



Since 1975 Clarence Street Cyclery has been proud to support many worthwhile community and charitabe organisations.

We have been sponsor of many events and athletes including Gold medal winner Sara Carrigan.